Genetic Karma?

Can our souls be genetically influenced? Though its of no matter the aggravation one stirs up to release our individual Spirit and Nature, it is inherited. How loving, happy, healthy, weak or strong is our inherited Spirit in which we aggravate tendencies or more simply influenced mentally or physically, leading to happy or unhappiness, success or failure?

Are the karmic chromosomes we are born with? Is a person’s approach to life also associated not with their own but also ancestors’ tendencies, choices and behaviors, reactions, kindness, good or evil? Can we change our Spiritual legacy – equally to joys both from our own karma created and karma inherited –  within our spiritual, physical and hearts. Are we and shall we consider we may be born unto our family lines not only with the genetic traits of eyecolor, intelligence, race and ancestry but also traced to a karmic genealogy sort? Perhaps we are descendants also that of their karmic choices good and bad, purposeful tools for lessons in life, filled with good or bad karma, like an inheritance. After birth as your soul connections are re-tied, can there also be a part of Good Karma, Destiny and Traits? Creating associated spiritual tendencies that may be aggravated with smoking is to cancer and defeat is to suicide, saints or criminals , luck of the draw, genetic evolution relations within a sort karmic chromosomes inherited. May this also be establishing a soul and spiritual make up to consider within yourself or another’s that are a part of life’s journey.  Maslow’s Hierarchy establishes some measurements that impact one’s Spirit are there related measurements that can be applied to our Soul level?

Thus it would seem, our efforts to choose behaviors for living in peace behaving as loving,  good, kind, generous, giving, dutiful, humbled beings, effect reflected “good” karma during our current life cycle or may it be delayed and reflected in our karma genes passed to our heirs , relative or not. Will future generations be responsible for karma? As we choose selfishly or unkindly, perhaps evil, at what point are these karmic debts payed, or is it dependent on the action? Can there be karmic traits inherited from a past relatives and generations that deliver expectations or tendencies over dispositions of body, mind, spirit?

Do we experience life trials and joys as a matter born unto ourselves soully, like a chromosome, however as certainly genetic, karmic chromosomes? Are we not only paying for the choices and efforts of our own but in addition those of our ancestors and soulmates, as spiritual kin and relationships? How many soulmates are within our life time that only cross through awaiting a life time in which you remain together through out life cycle or lessons formed over, as a sibling, parent, child, teacher, mentor, lover, spouse.

Do good, give love, show peace for not only knowing He will judge, but knowing your good is a part of Him. Be thankful to Him for every pain, receive sorrows as a gift and show grace, prayerful to ever be humbled as what is in his Will is a part of your inheritance, legacy and estate left to carry on.