This is the post excerpt.

I took the leap, trying to make the changes to begin a new journey, leaving all that was built for my family and career, destroyed from a marriage to an evil soul. My spirit, my soul, my world and foundation was attacked by evil that I chose to marry, not knowing the lies or willing to admit my rash, selfish and poor decision. I had only hoped after the loss of my mother that a marriage would mean I would have a friend to share life adventures. I eloped, I was duped and refused to see or admit it. After physical, emotional and financial abuse and 10 years of my children’s and my life, I ran. Out of my element but hope to find this a new home, each day my estranged husband is more of a bully doing what he can to just be hurtful and mean. This behavior supported by his family and their shared deceit and lies. Everything my children and I worked for, all our blood, sweat and tears has been taken or thrown away. My home, family and friends slowly taken as my husband controlled and manipulated us. Only on Faith and Prayer do we continue to hope some day we will get through this. This is our second summer deep in the city, still much to become a part of though with broken spirits all we have is hope, faith and love. No child wants a single parent home and it isn’t what I wanted for my son either. Only when parents cannot co-parent do I feel is a single parent household. With no ability to communicate as parents, essentially your alone in the business, as is a child. Sad that instead of the luxury to consider my child’s growth and emotional needs, my consideration can only be any misstep or defeat may mean homelessness.


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